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Why do Car Accidents Still Happen So Often?

You would think that with today’s technology, the number of car accidents would be significantly reduced. Between cameras, vehicle “black boxes” and complex crash avoidance systems, we should be able to avoid crashes. There are even people who volunteer to have their cars monitored, so that if they do crash, experts can gather valuable data […]

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Is it Legal to Install a Video Camera inside a Nursing Home?

There are many reasons why nursing home neglect and abuse is considered one of the worst forms of victimization that can happen at the hands of others. One obvious reason is the vulnerability of the victims, who may be infirm and completely dependent on their caretakers. Another major reason that makes nursing home abuse cases […]

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The Role of a Life Care Plan and Life Care Planning Experts

When we think of expert witnesses, we often think of needing them to determine who was liable for an accident or to testify as to how products, manufacturing, or chemicals work, or to testify about complex government or municipal codes or regulations. Sometimes we think of them as doctors, testifying on the severity, cause, nature […]

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Boating Safety Should Not be Ignored

Although Florida seems hotter than anywhere else in the country, what makes Florida summers unique is how long they last. Unlike in other parts of the country, as a chill starts to hit the air, in Florida, we still have many more months of summer-like weather. With that extended time period comes more time for […]

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Can a 911 Operator be Sued for Negligence?

When we think of first responders, we normally think of public servants such as police officers or the fire department. We do not often think of 911 operators, who, despite not physically being at the scene of an emergency, are often the first and most important link to getting help where its needed. Of course […]

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How is a Personal Injury Case Valued?

One of the most common questions personal injury attorneys get asked accident victims what their case is worth, or how much they can expect to recover in a personal injury lawsuit. Victims often have misperceptions of value based on what a relative or friend recovered, or even based on verdicts or settlements that they read […]

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