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Why do Car Accidents Still Happen So Often?

You would think that with today’s technology, the number of car accidents would be significantly reduced. Between cameras, vehicle “black boxes” and complex crash avoidance systems, we should be able to avoid crashes. There are even people who volunteer to have their cars monitored, so that if they do crash, experts can gather valuable data […]

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Medical Malpractice Problems With Anesthesia

When we come under the care of a medical specialist, we may have some understandable concerns. These may range from the doctor’s competence, to whether the doctor is properly and fully diagnosing what the problem is, to whether what the doctor is doing will actually cure or heal you. Anesthesia and its Specialities One area […]

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Portion of Medical Malpractice Amendments Declared Unconstitutional

You probably already know about the onerous requirements that Florida law puts on people who have been injured by medical malpractice. Unlike many other legal areas, with medical malpractice, a victim cannot simply file a lawsuit. Rather, there is a complex process that must take place before the lawsuit even gets filed. The Pre-Suit Process […]

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Is it Legal to Install a Video Camera inside a Nursing Home?

There are many reasons why nursing home neglect and abuse is considered one of the worst forms of victimization that can happen at the hands of others. One obvious reason is the vulnerability of the victims, who may be infirm and completely dependent on their caretakers. Another major reason that makes nursing home abuse cases […]

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Did Popular Phone App Cause an Increase in Car Accidents?

We have written in the past about the dangers of distracted driving. When we think of things that take our attention from the road, we often think of text messages, phone calls, large infotainment screens on the dashboard, or GPS systems. But a recent study has concluded an uptick in car accidents due to yet […]

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Questioning Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Trial

As you may have gathered from reading our blog posts, proving the facts necessary to win a personal injury case often depends on the testimony of expert witnesses. Experts can be the difference between a jury deciding a contested factual issue in your favor or against you. Because traditionally both sides in a case will […]

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How do Recalls of Dangerous Products Work?

The mere mention of a product recall brings visions of unsafe products, or items that are sure to cause harm to us if we keep using them. While that certainly can be true—safety concerns are a large reason that recalls are issued—recalls are ultimately a good thing, making sure that dangerous products are returned, not […]

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Do Stand Your Ground Laws Apply in Injury Lawsuits?

Although we tend to think of criminal law and civil law as separate systems with their own separate set of rules and laws, there is an intersection between them that often occurs. Yes, there are differences legally, but many scenarios will involve both a criminal prosecution and a civil case for injuries or damages. Civil […]

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Understand the Laws That Keep You Safe on Stairs

Do not take the elevator…take the stairs. It is healthier, and safer in the event of an emergency. Stairs are simple and effective at doing what they need to do. They seemingly have been around since the beginning of time, an elegant and straightforward way of getting up and down that we take for granted […]

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E-Cigarettes: The Increasing Dangers of Explosions and Malfunctions

You see them everywhere: Fake cigarettes that do not spew smoke, but rather, send puffs of vapor into the air. Although the users look like they are using a cigarette, they are actually using an e-cigarette (“e-cig”). They have increased in popularity, but recent events have led many to wonder if these devices present more […]

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