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What Florida’s Distracted Driving Laws Mean for You

A Florida man was lucky enough to escape injuries after his car plummeted over 50 feet off an elevated highway. The highway patrol says that Thomas Highhouse, age 61, became distracted by his radio and lost control. He drove off the interstate, became airborne, and fell onto the ground below. Alcohol was not a factor […]

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Why Florida Motorcyclists are at Risk for Accidents

Florida’s amazing temperatures combined with permissive helmet laws invite thousands of people to take to the roads on their motorcycles. In fact, Florida has the second-highest number of registered motorcycles out of all 50 states. Unfortunately, the sunshine state also has the highest number of fatality accidents involving motorcycles each year. In 2016, the Florida […]

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What Evidence do You Have to Give to the Other Side?

It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that unlike how trials are portrayed on TV, in fact, trials are not about surprising the other side. The “Perry Mason” or “Matlock” moment when an attorney pulls out a secret document to the amazement of the judge, jury, and spectators usually does […]

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Automobile Recalls and Product Liability are Back in the News

With all the great new technology in auto safety, and as we seemingly transition towards self driving cars, old problems still rear their ugly heads to remind us that cars are machines, built by people, and that quality and safety are never things you can take for granted. New Recall News The first piece of […]

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Miami Bridge Collapse Leads to Wrongful Death Claims

Regardless of the circumstances causing the death, when a loved one dies, it is an emotionally trying time. Often times, the family members who are left behind have relied on that person’s emotional or financial support. Maybe a child has lost the care and guidance of a parent, or a spouse has lost the love […]

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Was Your Dream Cruise a Nightmare? We Can Help

Cruises are a popular vacation option any time of year, but especially during the warm summer months when families tend to get away and escape for a few days during the summer before school resumes. When embarking on a cruise, people look forward to a worry-free, relaxing time and hope the trip creates memories that […]

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Is Your Loved One Getting the Proper Care?

When we are faced with the decision of placing our loved one in a nursing home, we look for the very best place where he or she will receive the most tender, loving care possible. We want our loved ones to be safe and well taken care of for the final days of their lives, […]

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