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Can You be Found Negligent if You Failed to Wear a Bicycle Helmet?

Having a bicycle helmet is a smart investment in your safety if you enjoy bicycling. Regardless of your age, especially in Florida, you need to have a helmet for your own safety. The Sunshine State has a reputation for being the most dangerous in the United States for cyclists. Statistics from the Insurance Institute for […]

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Who is Liable in a School Bus Accident?

A school bus carrying nine students crashed into a swimming pool near Orlando. The crash occurred as the bus was heading to the school and a Jeep swerved resulting in the crash. The bus traveled through a lawn in the Pine Hills area before crashing into the pool. None of the nine children on the […]

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What is the Process for Medical Malpractice Settlements?

Medical malpractice is much more common than most people realize, and sadly, those who seek compensation by filing a claim for medical malpractice may find it difficult to win such a case at trial. These cases often lead to negotiated settlements. However, with an experienced and aggressive Florida medical malpractice attorney, these settlements can still […]

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What is the Defense Base Act of 1941?

Longshoremen, harbor workers, and civilian military base employees face many workplace hazards each and every day. From repetitive strain injuries, to unsafe work conditions, even illnesses or death due to protracted exposure to hazardous materials, the danger exists that employees may go to work but never return home. The Defense Base Act of 1941 ensures […]

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What is Vicarious Liability and What Does it Have to do with Personal Injury Claims?

An employee at an assisted living facility in Central Florida stabbed a patient with dementia with a fork Monday before fleeing from the facility. The employee, Jessica Stephenson, was seen in security footage stabbing the 76-year-old patient’s hand several times according to the Haines City Police Department. The assisted living facility reported that the patient […]

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Who can be Held Liable in an Aviation Accident?

John Caswell and Stephen Fox had flown planes thousands of hours, but federal records say that neither of them was certified to fly the Dassault Falcon 50 jet that killed both of them in a recent accident. Two of their passengers were also injured. Pilots earn their certifications from the FAA once they have completed […]

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Is There a Difference Between Admiralty Law and Maritime Law?

Living in Florida, you have likely heard the terms “admiralty law” or “maritime law” and wondered what those terms mean. If you have suffered property damage or been injured at sea, you are probably already familiar, but if not, you are probably a bit confused by the terms.   Admiralty Law vs. Maritime Law   […]

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