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Medical Malpractice vs. Ordinary Negligence

We often discuss medical malpractice, as does the media, and many people are aware of what it is and how to spot when it may be occurring. Do you really know what medical malpractice is, as opposed to ordinary negligence? The question is an important one for victims because different laws and rules may apply […]

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Are Schools Liable for Bullying Violence Against Students?

Bullying is a serious topic that goes beyond the law and has an impact on lives that often cannot be repaired. Our society cannot function in the face of bullying, and bullying can have an effect on children that often can endure beyond the physical trauma. We tend to think of bullying as a matter […]

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Woman Who Dies at Sea Raises More Cruise Line Safety Questions

Cruise line safety is in the news again, highlighting the deficiencies in an industry that carries millions of people yearly on the high seas on what are essentially floating cities. A recent incident has led to a lawsuit raising questions of how much the cruise lines are doing to avoid accidents. Lawsuit Involves Woman Who […]

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The Biometrics Expert

Like any legal field, personal injury law is becoming more and more dominated by experts. The law does not allow attorneys or witnesses to speak on issues on which they are not experts, and when it comes to questions of medicine, or mechanics, or how businesses operate, or science, someone with extensive experience in a […]

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How a Bad Faith Insurance Claim Can Help Injury Victims

We have written in the past about the practical difficulties that insurance can create in personal injury cases. In many situations, a case may be strong legally, and a victim entitled to significant damages, but because of limitations on the amount of insurance, the recovery available to a victim may be limited, even if a […]

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Are Changes to Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Laws Coming?

Florida’s no-fault insurance structure is slowly failing. The unique setup of these laws, once thought to benefit both victims and insurance companies, has been the subject of repeated reform efforts throughout the years, and once again, faces the prospect of more changes in the upcoming legislative session. Some are suggesting that maybe the entire setup […]

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