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How is a Personal Injury Case Valued?

One of the most common questions personal injury attorneys get asked accident victims what their case is worth, or how much they can expect to recover in a personal injury lawsuit. Victims often have misperceptions of value based on what a relative or friend recovered, or even based on verdicts or settlements that they read […]

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Your Body Position Can Cause Injury When Airbags Deploy

Your car is a technological marvel, with safety features that you probably do not even know that it has. Many newer cars are like computers on wheels, that not only protect you in the event of an accident, but that actively take measures to avoid a crash from happening in the first place. Despite these […]

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What Causes Falls by Nursing Home Residents?

When our loved ones in nursing homes are injured, the first question that many of us ask is how the accident that caused the injury was allowed to happen. In an institution with around the clock nursing care and therapists and medical personnel on staff, it can be hard to imagine how some patients end […]

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Victim Cannot Recover for Injuries Sustained in a “Freak” Accident

We wrote a while back about causation, and the difficulty in some cases of determining who is responsible for an accident when there are multiple people who may have acted negligently. A recent case reinforces the idea that victims must show that accidents are foreseeable, and more than just one-time, freak accidents in order to […]

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Nursing Homes Have an Obligation to Care for Residents After a Storm

Natural disasters can sometimes bring out the best in people. Sadly, sometimes, they can also bring out the worst, or at least expose problems in the way that we protect our citizens. Such is the case with the tragic local South Florida nursing home story that made national news after Hurricane Irma hit. Nursing Home […]

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Drowsy Driving is Deadly but Largely Unrecognized

Everyone knows the best practices when it comes to avoiding serious car accidents. We have been educated about the dangers of drunk driving or driving while intoxicated, and laws have been passed making these very serious offenses. Even distracted driving has been brought to the public’s attention of late, with some states passing laws to […]

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Hold Harmless Agreements May Spread to Malpractice Cases

More and more it seems like we are being forced to sign exculpatory clauses in contracts and agreements. These are so-called “hold harmless” agreements, where businesses compel us to agree not to sue them if we are injured on their premises or by their negligent acts. These contracts are usually used for higher-risk businesses, like […]

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