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Hold Harmless Agreements May Spread to Malpractice Cases

More and more it seems like we are being forced to sign exculpatory clauses in contracts and agreements. These are so-called “hold harmless” agreements, where businesses compel us to agree not to sue them if we are injured on their premises or by their negligent acts. These contracts are usually used for higher-risk businesses, like […]

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Sexual Assault is Common on Cruise Ships

Updated statistics on cruise ship safety have been published and they show a sad tale of how the industry is taking care of its passengers and taking appropriate safety precautions. The numbers are sobering reminders that cruises are enormous floating cities, but without many of the protections, both practical and legal, that one would expect […]

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Jurisdiction Can be a Problem in Product Liability Cases

If you are injured due to the fault of another, and the liable party is a company (that is, not an individual, as in a car accident), there are some key questions to answer. Who may be liable is the primary question. How they are liable is another key question. It is easy to overlook […]

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Recognizing the Common and Uncommon Forms of Drowning

As summer is upon us, and the weather gets hotter, pool season approaches. When we think of pool safety, the first thing we think of is the risk of drowning and the need to supervise our young ones and watch over them closely when they are in a pool so that we can react if […]

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Is There a Legal Obligation to Assist Others in Emergency Situations?

Often, morals or ethics can conflict with legal duties and responsibilities. Surely, making sure that citizens are safe and that we can go about our lives free from the fear of being injured through other people’s negligence is not just a legal obligation, but also a moral and social one. One area where moral and […]

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Trespassers Have a Tough Time Recovering Damages

When we think of someone who is a trespasser, we often think of a criminal; someone who secretly and illegally invades someone else’s property with the intent to cause harm and who is there against the will of the person who owns the property. But in law, a trespasser is often someone who is more […]

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Special Issues Involving Motorcycle Accidents

When we think of accidents on the road, we tend to think only of plain old cars. It is easy to forget that we share our roadways with motorcyclists. Florida’s year-round sunshine makes it an ideal location for motorcycle riding. To many, riding a motorcycle is not just a means of transportation, but a hobby […]

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